Telescopic carbon magazine tube

350 EUR

Material: Carbon, aluminium

Weight: 140-180 g

Compatible with: Benelli M1, M2, M2SP, Nova, Supernova; Beretta 1301 comp/comp pro; Remington 870, Winchester 1300, Breda B12i, Stoeger M3K, МР-133, 153, Franchi Affinity, ...

Complete set includes: telescopic mag tube, Innovatac mag spring, spare telescopic spring, follower-plug.

Our most well-known and popular product is a carbon telescopic magazine tube for 12-gauge shotguns. Ultralight weight 140-180 g depending on the length, capacity of 12-15 rounds, matt or glossy finish, a choice of nuts and inner tube color is available (nuts are made of durable aluminum alloy), lengths from 295 to 375 mm, custom lengths are also available. Suitable for all shotguns used in IPSC. Fundamentally improves maneuverability and weight distribution, facilitates weapon control, reduces the total weight of the gun and its dimensions, while having a large capacity. Finally, it will decorate your weapon and give it a personality and a modern hi-tech design! All models in stock, shipping to any country.